Fun Monkey Games

fun monkey games

Anything that can attract attention to the character, cheekiness, beauty and importance of monkeys is worth a mention and monkeys feature in some very popular games on various platforms. We thought we would add an element of fun to the site by mentioning some of our favourite games with monkeys included below!...

Top Picks: Funny Monkey Games

Ape Escape

Ape Escape

Apparently, Japan has a pretty good grasp on the whole ape thing. Originally coming out in Japan as "Saru! Get You!"(and later as "Pipo Saru"), the Ape Escape series has managed to combine monkeys with a highly inventive play style that has captured even the hearts of other veteran game developers.

The game's overall plot is simple: Spectre, a white lab monkey is equipped with the Peak Point Helmet -a helmet that not only increases his intelligence, but has also turned him into a particularly evil menace. Now bent on dominating the world, Spectre has created small versions of his helmet to take control of other monkeys. Having taken over a time machine created by the same Professor who made the helmet, the white monkey has now gained minions all across the history of the world and it is up to you to capture all the monkeys! The rest of the Ape Escape games follow a similar storyline -mostly with Spectre coming back to cause even more trouble than before.

Controlling the protagonist in Ape Escape has its own particular charm: armed with a time net, players must sneak, shock, surprise and stun monkeys in order to catch them. The dynamic elements of figuring out which directions the apes will run or escape to makes the game both challenging and fulfilling to play. For the very first Ape Escape title, many game critics were excited on how the vibration function on the Playstation controller was used to create a more immersive gaming experience.

The plot is simple, yet also intriguing -this, combined with Ape Escape's innovative game play style has helped the series run successfully for more than a decade. Since the very first Ape Escape title released back in 1999, the game has had 14 releases, including spinoff titles such as Ape Escape Racing, Ape Quest (a J-RPG style title which delivered the Ape Escape story in a whole new way) and EyeToy: Monkey Mania (which was an extremely fun, four player party game that featured plenty of mini-games). The series has also been such an iconic presence in the video game industry that it has appeared as part of other major game series such as Monster Hunter, Everybody's Golf, Little Big Planet and even as a new game mode for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.

Some people love dogs, others love cats, while some are simply head over heels with simians. Apes, chimps, orangutans, you name it and there is bound to be someone who loves that particular type of monkey. And chances are, you love them too! In the world of video games, monkeys have a very strong presence, one that seems to permeate a wide range of gaming genres. So what is a monkey-loving gamer to do? Well, there is a huge list of titles to dig up from and choosing which one to play can be quite a challenge -which is why we have compiled a quick list of our favorite game series that features our simian friends.

Bloons Tower Defense

bloons tower defense 5

Monkeys in a tower defense game? Most certainly so! Okay, there really is not much of a plot here so we will not go into that, instead, what we have is a silly little tower defense game that has actually managed to be both silly, fun and surprisingly addictive to play. In Bloons, monkeys seem to hate balloons, as in, really, really so. And in order to help them out, you need to start popping those air-filled floating menaces.

Setting up a defensive perimeter against floating balloons may seem silly, but after a few waves, you will find yourself strategizing on the most effective way of ensuring that you get to pop all the targets without missing a beat. The gameplay is simple, but effectively fun to spend hours on, and also, that little monkey on the side gets really appreciative when you finish a round. Also, tower defense veterans will enjoy the unpredictable behaviour that balloons have when flying up, forcing you to create creative strategies in maximizing the effective usefulness of weapon ranges.

Now if waiting for a bunch of floating targets is not your thing, Bloons has you covered. The series also sports a match 3 version that revs up the gameplay by a solid notch -sure the first few stages are relaxing, but later on, it becomes a mouse clicking madness that veteran match 3 players are sure to fall for.

The only drawback we have about Bloons is the visual quality of the series. With around 16 different games and expansion packs, you would expect to have seen plenty of improvements in the art. While there are plenty of things that have been polished, the art still leaves much to be desired. Thankfully, the highly addictive nature of the game makes it easier to compensate for this drawback.

Super Monkey Ball

super monkey ball

From the hottest arcades to the on-the-go convenience of the Playstation Portable, the Monkey Ball series of games has managed to keep a steady spot in the world of console video games. The game originally started off as one of Sega's little novelty machines: the cabinet used a banana shaped joystick and featured a cute little monkey inside a giant transparent ball. The goal was to keep tilting and rotating the stage in order to roll the monkey around -pretty much like those novelty toys that had plenty of metal ball bearings which you had to tilt around to send the bearings into different holes.

For a simple idea, Super Monkey Ball was highly imaginative. The game featured a myriad of stages, a selection of monkeys and of course, a highly competitive scoring element that kept players patiently practicing their tilting skills. The game was so successful, that it made a successful leap from the arcades to home systems like the Playstation 2 before moving on to portable handhelds. Recently, a new version of Super Monkey Ball was released as an app for mobile phones.

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Monkey Go Happy

Monkey Go Happy

Flash games tend to follow certain formulas: match 3, time management, tower defense and so many other addictive gaming styles. In that regard, monkey go happy is your typical point-and-click, puzzle and skill kind of game -and we are certainly not complaining.

The MGH series at Pencil Kids brings together some of the best elements in the genre: innovatively silly puzzles that are often (but not always) fun to solve, a good range of unique situations that makes you think of unique solutions and a great way of keeping track of your performance: mouse clicks! Well, except for the first game, that sadly relied on a timer -which was not really a good thing unless you had a pretty good computer to play on.

The game's basic premise is simple, accompany the little monkey (and in the later sequels, with his friends) and figure out the solutions to the situations in order to keep the monkey happy. The games end with a massive easter egg hunt stage that allows players to get a scoring bonus. Simple graphics, intuitive gameplay and a humorous delivery easily makes Happy Go Monkey one of our favorite quick-play games to recommend.

Love Playing As A Monkey? Create One!

Nickelodeon's Monkey Quest is all about having fun playing as a monkey. But in this game you get to create your own using a variety of different options. After creating your monkey you get thrown in a large online world of fellow monkeys where you can quest together to fight against evil forces.

Nick makes it more exciting by introducing loads of cool weapons and armor to find to make your monkey more powerful with the end of aim of becoming the ultimate monkey warrior! The visuals for Monkey Quest are well liked by the casual crowd with Monkey Quest receiving millions of players within the first year of starting.

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Monkey Karting

We've seen it all when a monkey takes to riding a kart and that's exactly what one does in Monkey Karting. Here you race against other players on a 2D landscape looking to get your car to the other end of the screen before all your opponents. The game features few upgrades or features beyond the conventional browser racing game yet it's light touch is what has proved to be it's greatest strength having been played a considerable amount of times on many sites. Perhaps it's lack of depth allows players to pick up and play it quickly without too much time or effort involved!

Tales of Monkey Island

Pirates, uncharted islands, gag humor and of course, the monkeys! The Monkey Island series has it all, the classic point and click adventure has plenty of veteran gamers hooked on the original story of Guybrush Threepwood, and now, after so many years, a new story begins. Telltale Games takes the helm from Lucasarts in an imaginative continuing of the young, self-made pirate's new misadventures. Having previously handled the Lego Star Wars series, Telltale has already proven that they can deliver a game that lives true to its roots in Lucas Arts.

The new "Tales" series takes place after the events of the last Secret of Monkey Island game and now features Guybrush and Elaine as a married couple. To add a deeper sense of adventure, the story has been set into the newly added Gulf of Melange (the Monkey Islands seem to be expanding with each game -making us wonder how it managed to stay uncharted and hidden for so long), which means that even veteran players get the benefit of exploring all new places and maps. LeChuck is back as well, causing even more problems for our protagonists. Much like the original Monkey Island, players will encounter artifacts and places of all sorts and kinds: some ancient, some magical, some huge, others small, and almost all of the time, very, very cursed.

So why is the place called Monkey Islands? Nobody really knows, but there are plenty of ruins that indicate a strong relation to monkeys -there is a giant ape head ruin one side of the main island. Players also encounter all sorts of monkeys in the game as well -some playing important roles as NPCs (like Jacques) while others, like the three headed monkey, are mentioned as in-game jokes. If you are wondering, the original three headed monkey appeared in the first Secret of Monkey Island game, though he was only present when no one was looking.