Interesting Unknown Facts About Monkeys

common squirrel monkey

Everybody knows who they are and enjoys watching their childish actions at zoos, however, some of these monkey facts are perhaps factors that you don't know anything about. Monkeys of all species are fascinating creatures.

If you trust the evolution theory, it is believed that humans evolved from monkeys.

If you trust in creation, the monkey is a remarkable creature and resembles humans in many ways.

We just want to give you some fascinating educational facts about monkeys:

Fact 1 - The majority of monkeys, including the sweet little chimpanzees are not so keen on being stroked. Although the ones that have grown up in domesticated conditions can deal with being stroked, they would rather live in a group with other monkeys without being stroked or controlled by humans.

Fact 2 - Monkey are incredibly strong, including small spider monkeys. Regrettably, individuals have been murdered by "pet" chimpanzees that became out of control for whatever reason. Therefore, every monkey needs a trained handler because of their remarkable strength.

Fact 3 - Some of the top predators of this primate include eagles as well as humans.

Fact 4 - Monkeys are incredibly loud creatures, particularly in the wild. The Howler Monkey is the noisiest monkey of them, hence, the name. Their scream can be heard from 100 mile distance because it is very penetrating and noisey.

Fact 5 - Roughly 260 diverse species survive worldwide.

Fact 6 - Monkeys do not ever catch an ever day cold.

Fact 7 - The tiniest monkeys is the Pygym Marmoset; it does not grow more than six inches.

Fact 8 - Monkey are officially divided into: New World Monkeys and Old World Monkeys.

Fact 9 - Monkeys that live in the New World group come from South and Central America, and they have flat noses. The monkeys that are in the Old World group are from Africa, and have thinner noses.

Fact 10 - Monkeys are very social creatures. They live in families comprising of hundreds of monkeys in the wild. They are known as "troops" and have a hierarchy structure.

Fact 11 - Monkeys are great swimmers; however, they prefer not to be in the water.

Fact 12 - The miniature spider monkey is a fascinating creature. The tip of its tail is very strong; it can hold the weight of the whole body.

Fact 13 - Monkeys are worshipped in India; they are believed to represent the God Hanuman.

Fact 14- Monkeys spend hours each day grooming one another. You regularly see them picking out each other's hair and skin because it helps remove bugs that have been eaten.

Facinating Orangutan Facts

  • Orangutans share almost 97% of their inherited natural resources with humans. Our close inherent kinship with all the great apes make us a family species.
  • Orangutans share nearly 97% of their genetic material with humans. Our close genetic relatedness with all the great apes make us sibling species.
  • Orangutans' arms stretch out longer than their bodies - over 7 ft. from fingertip to fingertip. They are used to employ a "hookgrip."
  • They walk on all fours using there palms and fists when they are on the ground.
  • Male orangutans grow large cheek bones when they are around 15 years old. Apparently, female orang-utans find these very appealing.
  • Male orang-utans storm to each other and crush branches when they fight. They grapple and bite each other, if that doesn't frighten one of them away. Later, he/she follow their mother as she travels throughout the trees.
  • Youthful orang-utans love to play and will "play fight" in the trees without exhibiting any fear of heights.
  • Orangutans have opposable thumbs, like humans. Their big toes are also opposable.
  • Orangutans have incredible strength that allows them to swing from branch to branch and hang upside-down from branches for long periods of time to recover fruit and eat young leaves.
  • Orangutans like eating soap, and foam their arms prior to eating the frothy delight. Amazingly, this does not upset their stomach.