Ape Rescue was set up to promote awareness for the sake of dieing monkey species throughout the world. We are an independent information website that offer up to date information on the fight for survival of all primate species, many of which are covered in our articles. To learn more about the threatened monkey species.

We are supported by Balloon Monkey Game who enable us to expand our range of information and articles on monkey species, please check out their website if you want to have fun with games featuring monkeys.

We also would like to recommend the primate conservation centre in vietnam where you can make a direct contribution to protecting threatened monkey species and who unlike the WWF actually make contributions directly towards adopting and protecting individual monkeys. The WWF markets their adopt a monkey programme to give you the impression you are helping a species of monkey that is badly in need of protection, but if you read the small print within their terms and conditions your money doesn't actually go directly towards contributing to the survival of a particular species but instead goes into a general pool of money that is used for many other purposes than the monkey species you care about. We don't actually like how this works, so we instead support the vietnam primate centre who work solely towards preserving some of the most rare types of primates and monkeys in the world.